If you feel lethargic, uneasy, cannot concentrate on your work and probably feel like your energy level have gone down. What you do? Consult a Doctor. What a Doctor does? Just diagnose your body problems and write you prescription of some pills to be taken for certain period of time. And also advises you to take some care regarding quick recover from the illness. Similarly if your website is sluggish, getting the gradual decreasing hits and your page visits are low and revenue is dropping. Your website is ill due to lower search engine optimization (SEO) and need a Website Doctor. What a website doctor do? Analysis the reasons for the low SEO! And then prescribes a series of changes to be made for search engine optimization by modifying the design of the website, content, and optimizes to the related matter, so that the search engines always places your site on top ranks and you get more hits.

OldDoctor.com is the one of the best website doctors of the above kind. It was started by Dr. Hans Hill in the year 2000 as Old Doctor Website Consulting Company in Taiwan and has made some better tracks in the giving the prescription of search engine optimization techniques, website design and hosting. The Old Doctor is presently headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan and is serving major clients from all the part of the world and especially the Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, India and Singapore. Old Doctor consults in the business fields of website design, web site marketing, website public relations, search engine optimization etc. with all the related function of SEO marketing and ranking.

Let's see what these businesses are about?

Search Engine Optimization: This is the method to get the web pages to be displayed by the search engine on the top lists whenever the search is performed with the specific keywords for the relevant content. Here the SEO techniques like redefining of the keywords, contents and the meta tags is done with a proper research about, what is current trend in the market and search criteria. Old doctor has served many websites and concerns running a web site to get the benefit of their SEO strategy to achieve the top rankings for the website. The clients from India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea and Japan have got enormous help from Old Doctor's search engine optimization plans. SEO in Japan has gone some better way to get their page ranked in premier pages of search engines.

Web Site Design: This is the method to write codes for the websites and plan a layout of the website look and feel. This includes the programming and inducting the SEO methods like creating the meta tags of relevant keywords their by generating the content which is more suited to the search engine notice with ease. Website design also includes the search engine optimization strategies and plans for the content let it go successfully over the net. Old Doctor specializes in the Website design to give the customers around China, Taiwan, Asia , Japan , India, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and globally. They have dedicated team of designers that have worked for the various customers around the Globe and delivered the search engine optimization services sufficing to the client's expectations of better results.

Web Site Hosting and Suggestions: Actually when you make a site then some files are prepared though programming codes and languages. These files needs to be kept at some storage media called servers from where the user can directly view your matter. This is called hosting. This is done by using the services of hosting companies having their own servers that run all the year round. Old Doctor does not host the websites but they have better hosting suggestion available over the net. The clients have got a better deal on the suggestion of the hosting plans of Old Doctor. The website hosts in China and Taiwan have better associations with Old Doctor to give their clients a flawless hosting with par excellence services. The Old Doctor has undisputable reputation among the clients in India, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Japan and world over in preparing and guiding them for better hosts and hosting plans.

Website Marketing and Public Relation: It is the work plan of how to get your web site popular among the net users so that they visit it often for information and utilities. This constitutes of use of the various techniques in singly or mingling one in another according to the requirement. Like to promote a website that is information based then advertisements on other webpage, along with media based advertisement is carried out. For a product based websites email newsletters, gift offers and other digital promotional techniques are used. Old Doctor just makes the better use of the SEO techniques plus other promotional strategies to get your website listed in the users' memory for better response. They have their public relation expert based at China and Taiwan to deliver the excellent services. The clients from India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Korea have access to these features of Old Doctor SEO strategies and have earned some impressive revenues due to the effective public relation plans. The many of the over seas client have got the matter right beyond their expectations.

The clients from the Singapore have got excellent results in working with Old Doctor. A few clients have revamped the whole of their sites' business models under guidance of Old Doctor. SEO marketing in India has too got acceleration which has now spread on to the other clients of Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia. The Old Doctor has given out some new life to search engine optimization and they sometimes prescribes the complete overhaul of website right from the design and coding to get desired result of excellence. The search engine optimization consulting is being carried out by Old Doctor to serve the customers to let them heard among the other popular content providers with a definitive voice.

You can Call, meet or mail Olddoctor.com. Olddoctor.com is the site that specializes in the treatment of low search engine optimization. You will be provided with free estimate according to your requirements and with all the required details you need for a website illness cure.

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